Wipe Out Impersonation Scams.
It's Like A Virus Scan For Twitter.

Scam Clerk Features

Block Impersonators

Prevent impersonators from replying to your tweets and scamming your followers.
You are the scammer's first victim.

Protect Your Followers

Scammers do what they do because sometimes they're successful. Don't let them victimize your followers pretending to be you.


The browser tab title will change to notify you of an impersonator. eg (1) Scam Clerk. You'll also see when you have gained or lost followers while logged in.

Inactive Friends

Reduce your follow list and remove friends who might have abandoned their Twitter account. We'll scan each friend and let you know the last time they were activite.

The SCUM List

All impersonators are added to the SCUM list. The Scam Clerk Universal Master list is a collaborative effort among Scam Clerk users to block *all* scammers, not just their own impersonators.

Peace of Mind

Protect your image. Prevent impersonators from taking advantage of the good will you have built on Twitter. Using Scam Clerk to block scammers means you can rest assured the problem is being addressed.

How Does It Work


Just keep Scam Clerk open in a browser tab.


Scans your mentions automatically and also searches Twitter for similar names.


See your impersonators and block them easily.